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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."


Arnold Sy Fontanilla

President & CEO

Born in 1972 to prominent Chinese parents Melinda Sy and Antonio Fontanilla in South Cotabato,  GoodLuck’s CEO Arnold Sy Fontanilla is indeed destined to become a multi-faceted businessman like his parents.


His journey started when his parents decided to send him to China in 1983 at the tender age of 11, with the intentions of solidifying his foundations of the chinese culture and inculcating independence. He pursued his education in China, under the foster care of her cousin Shi Liying up until 1998.


In 1985, when Mr Fontanilla was just 13, the shop in South Cotabato his family owned caught fire, which became his greatest turning point. The distress this unfortunate incident  brought has caused the passing of both his parents the following year, one after the other. Due to the lack in communication with his parents while he was overseas, he was never able to return home and continued living  China.  Eventually, his cousin took him in as his own son and name him Xie Ming Liang.


Fast forward to 1998, he returned to Manila and reached out to Aurola Sy, his aunt and godmother, who has taken him in as her own as well.  With his interests in business, Arnold opened a humble shop which  has eventually evolved into an imported grocery store which fared successfully.


He made an attempt to trace his roots in 2001 and went back to South Cotabato. As an innate businessman, he opened a grocery shop named XiangXiang and BTE Shop which  evolved into Davao Resale Estate. His excellent business acumen and sheer determination paved way to more XiangXiang branches in Tagum, Mati, Surigao and many more. This has became the impetus to new opportunities and business ventures from coco fiber, hospitality to plastic manufacturing.

Evelyn Fontanilla
JOJI1187 (2).jpg

Chief Operating Officer

The success of the Fontanilla’s enterprises is made possible with solid familial teamwork and earnest support.  The better half of Mr Arnold Fontanilla, Ms Evelyn Fontanilla has largely contributed at the onset of GoodLuck and other ventures. Her presence in their businesses has struck a balance in terms of directions and decisions which have been proven effective.  As they say, behind a man’s success is a woman, true indeed Mrs Fontanilla plays a major role in the success of all the family ventures.


Innately gifted with charm and entreprenuerial nature coupled with hardwork and diligence, she has been on top of business development of GoodLuck, forging strong relationships with distributors and retailers.  She has been instrumental in building brand presence across the region.  Currently, she oversees the operations of the  retail and distribution segments and continues to orchestrate innovative ideas to intensify GoodLuck’s presence beyond Mindanao.

Jimmy Fontanilla
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Chief Financial Officer

At a young age, Mr Arnold Sy Fontanilla’s second son Jimmy has been groomed to take a vital role in the family business.  Jimmy started out as a procurement officer in 2017. He was delegated with major tasks which he successfully carried out and paved the way for more responsibilities. 


In June 2020, he assumed the Chief Financial Officer position which oversees and manages the company’s finance and accounting. His presence in the business has assured Mr and Mrs Fontanilla of the continued success of GoodLuck.  At 19, his business acumen is on point and his eagerness to learn is impressive. He has an innate charisma to win people which is his strongest suit. In the coming years, Jimmy envisions to see GoodLuck in the shelves of major shopping malls in the Philippines and become a household name globally.

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